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Bishop Vestments (Yellow-Gold with Claret)

Orthodox Christian Bishops are required to wear their finest official vestments that reflect their important role and standing within the community. To enable Bishops discharge their duties to the best of the abilities, Istok Church Supplies is proud to offer an excellent collection of lavish Bishop Vestments in yellow gold with claret. 
Magnificent Bishop Vestment Sets
Yellow-gold is a sumptuous color that evokes feelings of visual splendor and grandeur. Bishop vestments in yellow gold with claret are the default ones for Sundays and are also suitable for a wide variety of special occasions such as feasts and days honoring Lord Jesus Christ, Apostles, Prophets and Hierarchs or for any occasion that does not require vestments of a specific color. We use highest quality brocade fabric for our Bishop vestments and offer these liturgical garments in two jacquard choices – rayon jacquard and metallic jacquard. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that the jacquard pattern is woven skillfully into heavy brocade material for an immaculate look. 
Three Style Options
We make a mention of the fabric class for each individually listed vestment. Customers who wish to order a particular vestment with a different fabric belonging to the same class can review our fabrics section and make a mention of their preferred choice in the Notes section of their order. We offer our Bishop vestments as complete sets and include these items – alb, zone, palitsa, epimanika, epitralhilion, sulok, small omophorion and large omophorion. Our Bishop vestments are available in three different styles – standard, premier and luxury to cater to the diverse requirements of our patrons. 
Bespoke Tailoring Services
Our Bishop vestments in yellow gold with claret are made by specialist tailors who understand the significance and importance of centuries old traditions and canons for liturgical vestments. All our Bishop vestments are custom tailored to individual measurements so they fit the wearer comfortably and perfectly. Use our easy measurement chart and send in your particular details - we are confident you will be pleased with our quality stitching services and high quality material that make for fine official Bishop Vestments. 
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