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Russian Priest Vestments (White-Silver)

To aid Russian Orthodox Christian Priests carry out Divine Services and other important functions, Istok Church Supplies offers a comprehensive range of Russian Priest vestments white-silver. Each vestment is produced using beautiful and elegant fabrics and is custom tailored with top quality workmanship to ensure comfort and proper fit.
Upholding Traditional Design
We are committed to upholding the traditional designs of Russian Priest vestments. We offer them as complete sets that include six items – phelonion, epimanika, epigonation, epitralhilion, zone and nabedrennik. Our Russian Priest vestments white-silver are suitable for fasts and days dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ as they underline the mood and highlight the occasion. Our vestments sets vary from simple and elegant to extravagant and ornate. Customers can choose from different fabrics such as rayon jacquard brocade, metallic jacquard brocade, natural German velvet and embroidered material according to their requirements and budgets. 
Ensuring Maximum Comfort and Beauty
Our Russian Priest vestments white-silver come with natural rayon lining for enhanced comfort. To basic sets, customers can add natural velvet inserts and a beautifully hand embroidered icon from given list of options. They may also add matching chalice covers to their orders. To make them accessible to a wide customer base, we provide three different types of embellishments – standard, premier and luxury. For standard type, we include simple crosses and economic galloon. For premier style, we provide elaborate crosses and high quality galloon. For luxury style, we provide premium jacquard galloon and exquisite hand embroidered crosses. 
Customized to Individual Measurements
All our Russian Priest vestments can be custom tailored according to individual measurements. We request customers to provide their precise measurements so our experienced tailors well versed with age old traditions can complete each bespoke order with care and high quality workmanship. Since each order is bespoke, we require a few weeks for delivery. If you require a vestment in time for a particular occasion, we request you to place your order as soon or possible or opt for our express delivery services. 
Whether it’s for personal use or a church donation, our Russian Priest vestments are worthy choices!


Embroidered Russian Priest vestments - Iris (white-silver) Russian Priest vestment set Chrysanthemum Embroidered Russian Priest vestments - Wattled (white-silver)
SKU: VE-102-WS
SKU: VE-103-L
SKU: VE-101-WS
Our price: US$1241.99 (CAD$1676.69)
Market price: US$1640.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$1343.99 (CAD$1814.39)
Market price: US$1780.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$1659.99 (CAD$2240.99)
Market price: US$2170.00 , save 24%

Embroidered Russian Priest vestments - Eden Birds (white-silver) Russian Priest vestments - metallic brocade BG6 (white-silver)
SKU: VE-105-WS
Our price: US$1671.99 (CAD$2257.19)
Market price: US$2210.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$1716.99 (CAD$2317.94)
Market price: US$2270.00 , save 24%