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Holy Water Sprinklers

Istok Church Supplies carries an exhaustive range of high quality, affordable church liturgical items including holy water sprinklers in traditional designs. We are confident Orthodox Church priests will appreciate the beauty and quality of our holy water sprinklers and use them extensively for church services. 
Significance of Holy Water Sprinklers
Sprinkling holy water is an important practice in Orthodox Christian churches that signifies cleansing, protection from harm and blessing. Not only do priests sprinkle water on parishioners but also on places, objects and during important rites such as Baptism. While some communities use a special brush to sprinkle water, others use a specially designed vessel with holes in it to sprinkle water. 
Myriad Traditional Designs
We have holy water sprinklers in the Greek Orthodox style – these liturgical tools are crafted from quality brass and are designed to be standing vessels that taper towards the top. These light weight creations are convenient to hold and easy to use. They are hand cast and hand polished by expert craftsmen at our production facility in Europe. From simple, clean designs to rich, ornate designs, we offer a wide variety of choices to help customers find products that suit their church needs, budgets and aesthetic preferences. 
Other Water Blessing Articles
Apart from holy water sprinklers, we offer a wide selection of other water blessing articles including water blessing vessels, Holy Myrrh vessel, Holy Chrism vessel, Holy water cup and much more in different sizes and price ranges. We thank customers for their steadfast support that gives us the motivation to innovate and improve customer service. In our corner of the internet, we provide a superior browsing experience, easy ordering process, secure payment channels and international shipping services. 
We are constantly adding to our collections, so do come back and explore our ever-growing inventory of top quality holy water sprinklers and other Orthodox Christian church goods.  


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Sprinkling brush - 8 Liturgical sprinkling brush - 12 Sprinkling brush - 10
SKU: SIM-075
SKU: SIM-110
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Our price: US$19.99 (CAD$26.99)
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Our price: US$31.99 (CAD$43.19)
Market price: US$50.00 , save 36%

Our price: US$38.99 (CAD$52.64)
Market price: US$60.00 , save 35%

Sprinkling brush - 2 Sprinkling brush - 1 Sprinkling brush - 11
SKU: SI-018-00081
SKU: SIM-072
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Our price: US$39.99 (CAD$53.99)
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Our price: US$42.99 (CAD$58.04)
Market price: US$60.00 , save 28%

Our price: US$52.99 (CAD$71.54)
Market price: US$70.00 , save 24%

Sprinkling brush no.4 Sprinkling brush no.3 Sprinkling brush no.6
SKU: SI-104-0020
SKU: SI-103-0015
SKU: SI-106-0017
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Our price: US$53.99 (CAD$72.89)
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Our price: US$99.99 (CAD$134.99)
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Our price: US$106.99 (CAD$144.44)
Market price: US$150.00 , save 29%

Sprinkling brush no.3
SKU: SI-132-0309
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Our price: US$495.99 (CAD$669.59)
Market price: US$660.00 , save 25%

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