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Istok Church Supplies offers one of the widest selections of excellent church brocades, silks, rayons, cottons, liturgical fabrics and wools. Offered in nine quality classes, these fabrics are unparallel in the beauty of their design and workmanship.

Presenting Orthodox Liturgical Fabrics from Istok
Liturgical garments are chosen for their gold gilded, richly embroidered and authentic brocade appeal. On the other hand, there are also simpler fabrics of cotton and wool in humbling patterns and a very individualistic style. These garments serve a special purpose and are used for divine liturgical events and functions in the service of the Lord. The strength of the fabric and the beauty in which it is designed can say a lot about the garment that is finally assembled and tailored to suit the wearer. The liturgical fabrics represent strength of character and show the wearer to be of pure heart and mind.
The Purpose of Orthodox Liturgical Fabrics
Church vestments or garments are made from liturgical fabrics and are used for many church and processional functions. The style and design of the garment may change with every function and so can the colors; each of which represent a particular religious order or just as a member of the clergy. These fabrics can be used to create a variety of different vestments such as flowing garbs that cover the body, a headdress, as stoles or cuffs and more. Each piece of tailored cloth carries significance as does the embroidered cross that is stitched onto many fabrics.
Orthodox Liturgical Fabrics and Vestment Fabrics for Sale
Richly embroidered, special church wear requires an equally splendid fabric which is what Istok Church Supplies offers. Especially chosen from select manufacturers, Istok presents a remarkable range of materials created using different resources. Depending on your need and budget, customers will find cotton, rayon, wool, linen and velvet liturgical fabrics gorgeously and meticulously created embroideries with intricate patterns and designs that serve a special purpose. Each one represents the importance of the order and basically what a particular event stands for. 


Rayon brocades (1075)
Black-gold (82), Black-silver (84), Blue-gold (87), Blue-silver (90), Claret-gold (74), Green (96), Red (97), Violet-gold (92), Violet-silver (90), White-gold (98), White-silver (91), Yellow-gold (94), Yellow-gold with claret (0)

Metallic brocades (1298)
Black-gold (84), Black-silver (89), Blue-gold (113), Blue-silver (94), Claret-gold (89), Green-gold (126), Red-gold (121), Violet-gold (102), Violet-silver (87), White-gold (136), White-silver (116), Yellow-gold (134), Yellow-gold with claret (7)

Cotton (0)

Linen (0)

Rayon (0)

Velvet (0)

Wool (0)



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