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Presenting Orthodox Church Lecterns from Istok
For any public presentation the podium or lectern is the most important piece of furniture. The same applies to a church sermon where the Orthodox Church lecterns and podiums become the platform to communicate to the congregation about the teachings of the Lord. Change in technology has altered the way people use such platforms; turning to modern designs that are more suited towards an auditorium or lecture hall.
The Purpose of Orthodox Church Lecterns
At Istok Church Supplies, you will find the traditional celebrated in all its glory. Customers can choose from carved lecterns that are fashioned from wood and polished to reflect an incredible beauty that is synonymous with the rest of the chapel. Each design has been created and carved after careful study to maximize the effect of the sermon so that followers may be able to hear and experience the teachings of the Lord. When all eyes are on the deacon, priest or minister scripture reading attains a whole different perspective. 
What Istok Offers
At Istok, our patrons can rest assured of receiving the best and most thoughtfully carved folding lecterns that are created using aesthetic design fundamentals. Carefully added drawers and niches make it easier for the speaker to store various essential items of the sermon. Moreover Istok also helps by customizing the designs to suit individual needs. Whether you would like to stick to a certain theme within the chapel and want the lectern to reflect the same design or create a completely traditional podium such as cross type carved lecterns in glorious gold-plated or silver-plated designs, it is absolutely possible to do so. We ensure that every piece of furniture within the chapel’s sanctuary will be able to command the dignity and elegance it deserves as an important part of the Church. 
A rich variety of designs
When looking for church lecterns, we have an exciting collection that you can choose from. Our range of products come with different features, materials and sizes. For example, if your church requires a foldable lectern, then we have just the right model for you. These wooden church lecterns can be easily folded and stored away when not in use. Not only is this convenient but it also saves space. If your church requires something in brass to continue the theme of the interiors, then our traditional brass lecterns or Volyn lectern will be a perfect fit. Whether you are looking for heavy wood carving or a more simplistic design, we are confident that you will find just what you???re looking for right here. With each of our products, you are guaranteed of high-quality workmanship and elegant designs which will enhance the aesthetic look and feel of your church.


Bethel carved lectern Church lectern no.25 Church lectern - S25
SKU: AN-S090
SKU: AN-211-0036
Our price: US$11184.99 (CAD$15435.29)
Market price: US$14550.00 , save 23%

Our price: US$7961.99 (CAD$10987.55)
Market price: US$10360.00 , save 23%

Our price: US$2650.99 (CAD$3658.37)
Market price: US$3500.00 , save 24%

Church lectern - S24 Church lectern - S23 Church lectern - S21
Our price: US$2852.99 (CAD$3937.13)
Market price: US$3770.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$1849.99 (CAD$2552.99)
Market price: US$2450.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$2895.99 (CAD$3996.47)
Market price: US$3830.00 , save 24%

Church lectern - S20 Church lectern - P22 Church lectern - L17
Our price: US$2535.99 (CAD$3499.67)
Market price: US$3350.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$2631.99 (CAD$3632.15)
Market price: US$3480.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$2997.99 (CAD$4137.23)
Market price: US$3960.00 , save 24%

Church lectern - L16 Church lectern - L13 Church central lectern - O13
SKU: ANO-2913
Our price: US$2997.99 (CAD$4137.23)
Market price: US$3960.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$2685.99 (CAD$3706.67)
Market price: US$3550.00 , save 24%

Our price: US$2985.99 (CAD$4120.67)
Market price: US$3890.00 , save 23%