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Church Sewing Items

Istok Church Supplies offers excellent vestment decorative products: buttons, metal buttons, fringes, tassels, galloons, cords, cross vestment sets and appliqué icons. We can make embroidered vestment decoration items in various sizes and colors of your choice. Custom drawings are welcome as well.
Buttons (25)

Cords (11)

Cross sets (75)
Machine-embroidered crosses (39), Hand-embroidered crosses (36)

Fringes (27)

Galloons (19)

Tassels (20)

Trims (39)



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Strasses - 1601 Strasses - 1801 Strasses - 1201
SKU: VI-1601-SI
SKU: VI-1801-GO
SKU: VI-1201-GO
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Our price: US$16.26 (CAD$21.95)
Market price: US$20.65 , save 21%

Our price: US$16.98 (CAD$22.92)
Market price: US$21.57 , save 21%

Our price: US$17.71 (CAD$23.91)
Market price: US$22.50 , save 21%

Seraphim Strasses - 0901 Embroidered icon of Christ the Pantocrator
SKU: VI-007
SKU: VI-0901-GO
SKU: EC-001
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Our price: US$17.99 (CAD$24.29)
Market price: US$25.00 , save 28%

Our price: US$22.16 (CAD$29.92)
Market price: US$28.15 , save 21%

Our price: US$104.99 (CAD$141.74)
Market price: US$150.00 , save 30%

  • Products 1 to 12 of 6  per page
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