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The Importance Placed on Orthodox Byzantine Icons

Icons are not only highly venerated images but they are also a beautiful art form. They depict in visuals what were written as words and offer a unique perspective from the point of view of the artists as well. The first Orthodox Byzantine icons were said to be true depiction of the beings they portrayed such as Christ, His Mother and the Angels. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed before the artist prepares to create the icons such as offering prayers and devoting the appropriate time to study and research the subject, in order to create a true likeness of the events that took place a long time ago. 
What Icons Represent
Byzantine icons were drawn by people who had seen the subject firsthand. Others were drawn from the accounts of people who had witnessed or heard from individuals in the fourth and fifth centuries. The icons were made to offer the best possible likeness of the events that occurred without adding in personal ideas or creative freedom by the artist in question. Some portrayed a complete scene of events while others focused on one particular subject stressing on neutral facial expressions.
Orthodox Byzantine icons are not worshipped but venerated and are said to be the medium through which disciples communicate their love and devotion to Jesus Christ and his saints. Although many icons were lost over time, there are still some being discovered in various parts of the globe. Beautifully created icons with intricate embroidery or painted on wood or fabric are held in high esteem and positioned in important locations within the church. Lamps are lit to venerate the images and the congregation looks towards them as a way towards salvation.


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