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I absolutely love the vestments from my previous order, they are very well made, good quality fabric and they are beautiful, I get many compliments about them from parishioners.

Oct 30, 2023, Jim Ifkovic

I received the orarion. Thank you for expediting the order, and it looks great.

Oct 13, 2023, Dcn. Kenneth Liu

I am very impressed with the quality of the vestments as well as the chalice veils that I have purchased.

Sep 18, 2023, Deacon Corrado Altomare, St Gregory Palamas Church

We received my robes today, precise and beautiful work. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you !

Jul 21, 2023, Robert Solomon

Hello, we just received our order. How beautiful the robes are, and how merciful our God. Please convey our great appreciation to the makers. They are perfect. God bless,

May 15, 2023, Sister Irini

I received my vestments late last week. Everything is beautiful and seems to fit perfectly. Thanks! Blessed Holy Week and Pascha!

Apr 10, 2023, Fr. Brendan Dougherty

I ordered sticharion and it came better than it did in the pictures. I would highly recommend and I plan on buying more things in the future.

Mar 11, 2023, Filip

Thank you for your patience and extraordinary service and quality garment!

Dec 23, 2022, Father Dave Baratelli

The vestments for my husband just arrived! Thank you, they are beautiful and they fit! Please pass on my compliments and thanks to the sewing team- I sew enough to see the craftsmanship and skill in the fabric placement so that the crosses are lined up perfectly. The fit is perfect, the fabric is of the high quality , and tailoring is very skillful (and the customer service is excellent!).

Dec 14, 2022, Lisa Hatfield

Dearest Istok Church Supplies: I am most pleased to hear that your craftsman each handmakes and spends great service upon all products, rather than industrially reproducing your Church Goods. Thank You for Your Attention to the Beauty of All Products You Distribute. Sincerely: Cameron Converse.

Nov 9, 2022, Cameron Converse

I received my small omophorion today. It is truly and absolutely beautiful! Great work: thank you!

Oct 2, 2022, Bp. Nicolas Giroux

I am very happy with my order of 7-branch candle-stand!

Sep 19, 2022, Fr Alexander Willis, St Albans Cathedral, Archdiocese of Orthodox Churches of Russian Tradition in Western Europe

Thank you for a well done Mitre it's beautiful as your products always are! Thank you, I look forward for my Order #25326 It too I know will be very well crafted and worked on with your heart to Praise and Glorify God. Your Humble customer,

Feb 3, 2022, Fr. Peter Askoar

Thank you so much for the Mitra: just a perfect fit and beautifully designed.

Jan 21, 2022, Archim. Nicolas (Giroux), Skete of Prophet Elijah

Christ is born! Glorify Him! Thank you for the tracking number and link! No sooner I got your email, the package that contained the blue/gold Protodeacon Vestment was ready to be picked up! It is extremely beautiful, and I am very well pleased!!! Thank you so very much for everything!!!

Jan 13, 2022, Protodeacon Gregory Krutchek jr.

Thank you for your help in replacing the wedding candles. These came in much better shape and I am very excited to be using them at my upcoming wedding. Thank you for being a part of our special day.

Jan 10, 2022, Marianna Maltsev

I ordered three icons & a candle holder. I’m moderately impressed with their quality; the candle holder’s writing didn’t have as much clarity as I thought it would have (some words are unreadable) & the icons’ embossing didn’t always match up with the original painting. The main reason for the rating is the shipping time, which took longer than a month). Other than that, I enjoy my purchase.

Dec 27, 2021, Sam Young

This order was shipped within 2 business days. Everyone knows that there are lockdowns and restrictions in flights due to the COVID-19. Yes, your parcel was waiting for processing for 2 weeks in the International sorting facility in Poland. We're not sure how one can blame us for something out of our control. Despite severe obstacles and sicknesses of our staff-members we're working for Orthodox community and hope to continue, with God's help, in the next year.

Very pleasantly surprised with my shirt from you, custom made to fit. I am truly thankful to you all for sending me the shirt. Thank you thank you!

Dec 10, 2021, Scott-Arsenios Knox

I really like Istok vestments, and I make sure to tell people every time they comment about mine that they're from your shop. I also very much like giving the business to my brothers and sisters in Russia.

Dec 8, 2021, Fr. John Chagnon MDiv

Dear Archpriest Eugene, Subdeacon Michael, Igor, and all the Istok people, I just wanted to thank you very much for the icon of St Panteleimon that arrived a couple of weeks ago in celebration of Nativity, along with the Nativity card that you sent. You cannot know what a deep blessing this was to me! The very day it arrived was a stressful day because of a serious health concern. To open the box and find an icon of St Panteleimon and to read the wonderful message on the card was a profound blessing! I cannot express how deeply grateful I am to you. Thank you!

Dec 8, 2021, Nancy VanDyken