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Bishop's thrones

From ancient times, bishops of the Orthodox Church where episcopal offices exist, have been formally seated on a throne, called a cathedra (Greek: κάθεδρα, seat). Traditionally located in the sanctuary, the cathedra symbolizes the bishop's authority to teach the faith (hence the expression "ex cathedra") and to govern his flock.
From the presence of this cathedra (throne), which can be as elaborate and precious as fits a secular prince (even if the prelate is not a prince of the church in the secular sense), a bishop's primary church is called a cathedral.
Some other prelates besides bishops are permitted the use of thrones. For instance, abbots and abbesses. These are often simpler than the thrones used by bishops and there may be restrictions on the style and ornamentation used on them, according to the regulations and traditions of the particular denomination.
As a mark of distinction, Roman Catholic bishops and higher prelates have a right to a canopy above their thrones at certain ecclesiastical functions. It is sometimes granted by special privilege to prelates inferior to bishops, but always with limitations as to the days on which it may be used and the character of its ornamentation. The liturgical colour of the canopy should correspond with that of the other vestments. When ruling Orthodox monarchs attend services, they are also allowed to be seated on a throne that is covered by a canopy.
In the Greek Orthodox Church, the bishop's throne will often combine features of the monastic choir stall (kathisma) with appurtenances inherited from the Byzantine court, such as a pair of lions seated at the foot of the throne.
The term "throne" is often used in reference to Patriarchs to designate their ecclesiastical authority; for instance, "the Ecumenical Throne" refers to the authority of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.
Istok Church Supplies offers excellent thrones of various sizes richly decorated with traditional Russian Greek Orthodox hand-carved ornament. We can make thrones for Bishops, Archimandrites and Hegumens. We welcome custom-orders and lecterns with custom-sizes.

(Partial source: Wikipedia.)


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Church furniture: Bishop throne

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